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When your mix needs the absolute highest level of

speed, precision and power!

ProMix Bundle - NEW!!

A Truly Powerful Mixing Combination

The "ProMix Bundle" puts some truly incredible mixing power into your hands. The combination of two of the worlds most unique plugins, Hyper-EQ "COS Pro v0.4.0" and the Automatic-Mixing-System "Mix Monolith v0.0.11", is enough to blow anyones mind. The sheer time-reducing power you'll possess will have you looking forward to every mix project with delight as you allow your mind to work at the speed of your own creativity. 

COS Pro and Mix Monolith are optimized for multiple instances during projects with large track-counts and their controls are intuitive, allowing you to quickly adjust all parameters or type in values.

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ProMix Upgrade

If you already own COS Pro or Mix Monolith then you can simply upgrade to the ProMix Bundle and save!

Supported Plugin Formats

Mac OS X 10.7 through 11.0
Windows 7, 8 and 10

Pro Tools 11+ and most VST/VST3/AU compatible hosts running on supported operating systems

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VST is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

available as:

Windows 7 and up as 32/64bit VST and 64 bit AAX. 

Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) – 10.15.7 (Catalina) as 32/64bit VST and AU, and 32/64 bit AAX, Intel-based Macs.  Mac OSX 11.0 (Big Sur) is 64bit only.

iLok account and iLok License Manager installation required. iLok 2 or greater dongle is required. iLok Cloud is supported on COS V2, Xtended & Pro / Mix Monolith. Online access required for the initial activation of the product and trial. One license allows activation of the product on 1 machine. Licenses are valid for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

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Whether you are a producer, mix/mastering engineer, musician or singer/songwriter, the ProMix Bundle will have you creating professional sounding mixes at unbelievable speeds.

Mix Monolith v0.0.11

*  Add as many Monoliths as you need...they will all function as one entity.

*  "All Channels" LEARN/MIX feature will learn/mix every Monolith in your session.

*  "This Channel" LEARN/MIX feature will learn/mix a single Monolith.

*  Infinte Duck/Expand & Mute Groups.

*  Fully automatable fader.

*  "Free" mode for time-based attack/release settings.

*  "Host" mode for note-based attack/release settings.

*  "F" feature locks the attack to a fast .07ms when in "Sync" mode.

*  Instant move elements forward/backward with the "level-plane" feature.

*  "Applied Gain" locking feature.

COS Pro v0.4.0

*  15 user-definable ceiling bands with 49 noise-slopes each.

*  Click-n-drag ergonomics.

*  "Auto generate ceiling" function for quick & easy ceiling creation.

*  Switchable 50-band/31-band Linear Graphic EQ with 0 latency, lo-CPU, hi-precision.

*  "Conform spectrum to ceiling" feature that instantly adheres the equalizer to the ceiling shape.

*  49 Ceiling Guides

*  Equalizer is fully automatable using your DAW.

*  "Live" function with spectrum smoothing and analyzer average options.

*  Metering with infinite hold and click-reset.

*  Optimized for multiple instances.