New Music Gear Monday: Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro

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When it comes to plugins, it seems like all the ones based on vintage analog gear are just about played out. Today’s engineers don’t have the same affinity to analog and their emulations that the classic engineers had, and are looking for things that are a modern mix of control and speed. I think that the Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro Hyper-EQ plugin fits into this category nicely. Even better, it’s part of the latest field of intelligent plugins that are able to do much of the work for you, if you want.

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Mix Monolith is now released! - Welcome to the worlds first "Automatic Mixing System".

Mix Monolith - Product Box - HD cropped.

We are proud to announce the release of our long-awaited plugin "Mix Monolith", the worlds first "Automatic Mixing System". Now you can mix any song perfectly, regardless of the track count, with just the click of a button. Complete with infinite Duck/Expand & Mute Groups, the Monolith will help you make short work of even the busiest mix with easy, speed and most of all, creative fun. Try it FREE for 7/Days and you'll never want to mix without it again.