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Now there's an easy way to pay for your ProMix Bundle.

The Pro Payment Plan offers you an easy way to pay for your ProMix Bundle at just $99 a month for 3-months. Total cost: $297

Now you can immediately begin mixing with the power of COS Pro and Mix Monolith without a substantial hit to your wallet. Plus, spreading the cost of your ProMix Bundle out over 3-months allows you to easily create amazing sounding professional mixes for clients, bringing in more work and paying for your purchase.

Try COS Pro & Mix Monolith for 7/'ll love the way your music sounds the very first time you apply them to any one of your mixes.


COS Pro - 3.png

Ceilings Of Sound Pro is our first Hyper-EQ and a truly unique equalizer, designed to streamline your editing and capture detail & presence in your mix. It is also the first equalizer to incorporate the spectrum of noise as equalization "knobs".

3-Monoliths HD.png

The Mix Monolith is another industry first from AYAIC. It is an Automatic Mixing System that allows you to level your tracks perfectly in any environment. From individual tracks, to buss groups, to FX channels, to your master fader, the Mix Monolith will create a mix that is balanced and open.

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