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Ayaicware Artist Endorsement


To be considered as an Ayaicware Artist you need to be either an established professional in your field or using our products in ways that are unique or inspiring to others.

Please note that Ayaicware does not pay artists/musicians to use its products. Our Artist endorsement offers discounts on our plug-ins for artists who want to help promote our brand. We receive many requests so please allow up to 14 days to hear back from us. Thank you.

Ayaicware Artist Application

Here is a list of some of the considerations for endorsement. Before applying make sure that at least a few of these criteria are applicable to your current situation:

  • You are currently using Ayaicware products

  • You have considerable presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • You have television, studio, movie and video credits

  • You participate in high visibility tours

  • You endorse other gear and/or brand


Please provide as much relevant information as you can in the form below.

Artist Application

Thanks for submitting!

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