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Jan 25, 2022
In Equalizing Discussions
First of all I have to say that I love this combination of Monolith with COS Pro, I have learned more than ever about EQ and stereo balance, It's a great tool I use it all the time, thanks. I've been using pro tools for long time but recently moved to mix with LUNA UAD, trying to find out with UAD at the same time I'm writing this post here, I'm based on Mac Big Surf 3,2 GHz 6-core intel i7 Tb3 Mac mini ...whatever In Protools COS is totally stable but in LUNA many times, when EQing all is fine till I proceed to close the plugin from its cross (x) on the left upper side of the plugin. Then LUNA crashes, it goes away, it doesn't freeze, it just closes LUNA totally. When I close COS from Inserts it doesn't do that, only when I press (X) on the plugin.


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