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MIX MONOLITH v0.6.0/v0.6.2

MIX MAGAZINE / MIX ONLINE - Real-World Review by Mike Levine
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Another industry first from AYAIC, Mix Monolith is a powerful Automatic Mixing System that allows everyone from industry pros to beginners to level tracks quickly. From individual tracks to buss groups to FX channels to your master fader, the Mix Monolith creates a mix that’s balanced and open with just the click of a button.  


  • Mix Monolith makes perfect mixes anywhere.

  • Targets the LUFS, regulating perceived volumes in just one click.

  • Hundreds of presets.

  • Infinite Duck/Expand groups and infinite Mute groups help you easily clear out space in your mixes.

  • Saves up to hundreds of hours.

  • It’s intuitive. Mix Monolith allows you to quickly adjust parameters or type in values, and is optimized for projects with large track counts.

  • Plays well with others, so you can resurrect that library of plugins you’ve been collecting and control an array of effects while maintaining a correct mix.

  • When paired with Ceilings Of Sound Pro, you can conform the Hyper-EQ to new ceiling shapes and immediately hear how the element will sit in the mix.

  • Highly compatible au, vst, aax plug-in that works with all major software:  Cubase, Audition, Logic, Premiere.



Our very first Hyper-EQ, Ceilings of Sound Pro incorporates the full spectrum of noise in the form of equalization “knobs.” Streamlining your editing, Ceilings of Sound Pro captures incredible detail and presence in all of your mixes.


  • 49 ceiling guides help you equalize faster and better than ever. Whether you're working with one of our hundreds of built-in presets or you’re manipulating the ceiling shape of your raw audio during mix-down, perfect equalization in any environment is just a click away.

  • “Conform Spectrum to Ceiling" feature automatically conforms the equalizer to your ceiling shape.

  • Hi-precision, even at the low frequencies where it matters most.

  • Highly compatible vst, aax plug-in that works with all major software: Cubase, Audition, Audacity, Premiere.

COS Pro - 3.png



Ceilings Of Sound v1.2.1  (Educational)

Ceilings Of Sound Edu started it all by introducing the world to the next generation of equalization tools available from AYAIC. It is an equalization guide utilizing 5 unique ceiling bands that take the guess-work out of the equalization process and allow you to fully enjoy your favorite software or hardware equalizers. Equalizing just became fun!

COS Xtended-4x.png

Ceilings Of Sound Xtended v0.6.1

Ceilings Of Sound Xtended is the ultimate equalization guide giving you 15 ceiling bands and an automatic ceiling generator for creating your own ceiling presets with just the click of a button. You also have 49 guide slopes to help you equalize faster and better than ever. COS Xtended's full power is still to come as it was designed to pair-up with our soon to be released "COS Bridge" and will give all of your current EQ plugins Hyper-EQ capabilities.

COS V2-4x.png

Ceilings Of Sound V2 v0.6.1

Ceilings Of Sound V2 expands on COS by giving you an additional two ceiling bands for a total of 7-Ceiling bands. Each band now has 49 ceiling slopes for more detailed shaping. Ceilings Of Sound V2 also incorporates new click-n-drag ergonomics that make COS-V2 faster and easier to work with than ever before. Equalizing just became a little more fun!


Photo - Haile Blackman.png

Haile Blackman

"It brings a whole new perspective to equalizing and mixing in a way that I never had before. It's a true game changer in the world of studio engineering."

- Haile Blackman, Producer, Upstream, Ray Shorty

320x320 Butch Vig.png

Butch Vig

"A very useful tool when I'm dealing with a sonically dense mix."

- Butch Vig, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer/Artist: Garbage, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Goo Goo Dolls, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pretenders

320x320 Wally Ingram.png

Wally Ingram

"My engineer Doug Scott and I can't speak highly enough about this game changing plugin!"

- Wally Ingram, WallyTrax Studio: Sheryl Crow, Eric Burdon, Timbuk 3, Pat McDonald, David Lindley


The AYAIC Team


At AYAIC we merge the thoughts, ideas and dreams of every member in order to create the audio plugins you truly need to accomplish your best mixes yet.

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