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Raine Stern

Musician, Songwriter, Producer


When Raine Stern first picked up a guitar at 11 years old, she found a home for the stories she had always felt the need to tell. Whether writing, producing, or performing live, her impressive talent is met head-on with an undeniable sense of purpose. Her lyricism is potent and poetic, and her arrangements succeed at filling the cracks that language can’t. As well as being a good writer, Raine is known for her mature guitar playing. 


"It is not every day you witness a musician in her early 20s leading a 9-piece band. Then again, Stern is not your average young musician. Stern's youthful exuberance was on full display--bounding across stage to dance with band mates while ripping out an incredible solo." - Shepherd Express on Summerfest 2019


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