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Flo Daxner

Artist, Producer, Mix Engineer


Flo Daxner‘s recording studio called "Tonstudio FD-Musics“ is based in the Upper Austrian town Gmunden where he's been recording for about 30 years. Flo has also been a well known Austrian folk musician for nearly 34 years. 

The pinnacle of his stage career was the famous Austrian music group "Steirerbluat“ which unfortunately ended in 2018. 

Since then Flo has been the keyboardist and accordion player of "Cäpt‘n KLUG & die ZwergSteirer“, a band comprised of well known musicians from the former music group "Die Alpenrebellen“. 

In the recording studio Flo makes productions for everyone who wishes to make party music, "Schlager“, folk music and the world famous "Oberkrainer“ music. 

Flo is a wild and crazy guy - but he takes his production tools seriously and works on high quality equipment from SSL, Neve and API...cabled only with "VOVOX“. 

"I don’t like to work completely in the box because summing a huge amount of channels on my SSL simply sounds better, much more open and three dimensional. Also, I insert my SSL bus comp and SSL Fusion to get a great sounding 2 track when I record the sum back into Logic for mastering.“


"The mixing process I employ most of time utilizes my friend Menno‘s plugin "Mix Monolith“. It works great, especially on channels that are difficult to mix. When equalization is an issue, for example getting the bass to fit into the song, I just insert "Ceiling Of Sound Pro“ and I get to my goal very fast.

Menno, I am happy to know you and happy that there has been someone like you to make these two great plugs. These days it's much easier and quicker to finish a song!“

When Flo is not on stage or in his recording studio he can be found just a few steps from his studio on lake "Traunsee“, enjoying boat trips with artists & friends.

Website:  Official


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