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Federico Lopez

Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer


Federico “c sik” Lopez hit the ground running in early 2006, soon after graduating from LARS as a top student, and landing an internship that would later change his life. He soon took the technical groundwork that LARS provided and landed an internship with one of LA’s leading mixing engineers on the West; Richard “Segal” Huredia, a Grammy winning mix engineer who had mixed countless hits, including Dr. Dre’s “Chronic 2001”, as well as Eminem’s first 2 albums. (Slim Shady Lp and Marshall Mathers Lp) He knew to truly become one of the best he had to be surrounded by the best. This is where Federico developed his ear and studied at the foot of a master, while also building long lasting working relationships with other artists. Federico had the patience, persistence, and continually learned everything there was about the world of mixing. Work that didn't go un-noticed.


Having toured with Dilated Peoples, Psycho Realm, Talib Kweli, and Blackstar, Federico has travelled to over 35 countries doing what he loves. From recording albums on the road to mixing live shows in the touring circuit, his expertise in the music field continues to expand. A mix engineer who has been working within the music industry for well over a decade. With a unique talent for refining an artist’s sound and producing a finished product that acts are proud to attach their name to, c sik has become one of the leading names in the music recording industry.  


Federico “c sik” Lopez has a great discography and has worked with amazing artists from all genres even though his main focus is on Urban/Pop music. Some of the notable mentions he has worked with are: Asap Rocky, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, DJ Khalil, Dave Chapelle, Everlast, Psycho Realm, Krs One, Too Short, and Snoop Dogg, just to name a few.


In 2009, he partnered into RMG studios, a studio in Los Angeles, where he continued to hone his skills in engineering, mixing, and producing.


His meticulous workflow and work ethic combines the best of the analog and digital worlds, while his passion for mixing and music technology has quickly gained the attention of the music industry's elite.


His sharp, musical instincts, technical mastery, and strong sense of empathy, are the core of his foundations to help artists capture their signature sound.


Recently, in 2019, c sik toured with Blackstar and recorded their follow up album 20 years to the date of their first release. Recorded around the world, and mixed back home at RMG studios.

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Ceilings Of Sound


Ceilings Of Sound PRO

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