It's a given that we at Ayaic love our plug-ins, but that means nothing out in the real world, the only thing that matters is what those using our plug-ins think. Here is real feedback from real users.

Feel free to let us know what you think.

"Since I used COS, the quality of my mixes has improved significantly. Finally, I have a visual reference to what I hear or don't hear, because my ears keep deceiving me. Thanks to COS, I also have the recording room under control, which means the mix sounds good on all devices. That's really an innovation. I'm now using Monoliths too, and I can't wait for what's coming next from you. A whole new level for my development and my work." - Benjamin

"Menno, I hope all is well brother, just wanted to shout out on the Monolith. I see that I was cutting so much low end out of my sub basses when I should have been gain staging instead!! This plugin is A++ brother!!!" - E REDDI

"My mixes can't live without Ayaic plugins! That's absolutely a game changing situation!" - The Newer Patriot

"I'm not sure if this is the correct place to send feedback, but I wanted to let you know my thoughts on Mix Monolith. I tried the demo, and thought it was pretty good, enough to give it a proper go. It's not "pretty good" at all, it's absolutely sensational. I'm blown away by it, the results have been tremendous, and the ducking and mute groups are superb. Well, done, so many plug-ins describe themselves as game changing, it's rarely true, but in this case it genuinely is a game changer." - JGS

"These tools for mixing are the best I've found so a huge thanks to Ayaic for making the entire mixing process less time consuming. I normally don't feel like I just purchased a Swiss Army Knife when I purchase software or plugins...I usually feel guilty and wonder if I really needed to buy more plugins. This is the first set of plugins that feel like tools that will make my life so much easier and allow me more time to be creative." - Reed Thomas Lawrence

"Thanks so much Menno and I hope you know how much I love your products. I'm literally in love with Mix Monolith and use it on every project!" - Anon

"COS Pro makes me get rid of quite a few plugins....Thanks for giving me such a great platform." - RYAN

"Just wanna let you know how great COS Pro is! This is maybe one of the best plug-ins I ever used! It makes me do EQ settings I normally wouldn't think about. ;) And it improves every time I use it, it is insane, really!Brilliant - thank you guys! Can't wait for the new plugins!" - DJ Linus

"I’ve been using Mix Monolith on every mix over the last year and it is simply remarkable!  I can work quicker and have more time for creating the fun stuff.  I get a lot of tracks from bedroom warriors with killer performances that have been neglected in the recording process.  No problem, I now use COS Pro in tandem with Monolith to get the gloss into those tracks.  With the ducking capabilities I can tuck or punch any track exactly the way I hear it.  Mix Monolith is my deserted island plug in." - Mark Lamar

"Mixing can be an arduous process to master. Finding the right level balances can be tricky. Mix Monolith gets you 90% of the way there with the click of a button saving hours of work, the rest of the way is your own creativity. It's an incredibly useful tool in your sonic arsenal." - Butch Vig

"I purchased your plugins last year but just started using them a couple months ago. They're great time's like a secret weapon." - John

"WOW! I took your advice and tried using random presets in COS Pro. The amount of new ideas I heard in my head took my song in a whole different cool direction. Thanks for the feedback and I love your products." - MARIA

"Loving the combo of both plug-ins! Currently using them on some work I'm doing for HBO. I figured out the noise profiles I like to see. Thanks again!" - Brian

"I wasn't going to spend money on another plugin, then along comes your brilliant time-saver on sale, and I had to have it." - Mark

"I love your products! I'm literally in love with Mix Monolith and use it on every single project!" - Kevin

"I haven't been so excited about a plugin since Melodyne came out in the early 2000s. The ability of COS Pro to match, shape or craft tones in such a transparent way is uncanny. You are a genius for thinking outside the box like this. Not easy to understand at first : ) but, I can't wait to tell others." - Zalles Music